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Acceptable Use Policy

This agreement is between ello group trading as (herein referred to as “We” or “Us” or “Our”) and You as the Customer (herein referred to as “You” or “Your” or “Customer” or “Client”) regarding the hosting Services we operate.
The use of “Account” or “Accounts” or “Package” or “Packages” or “Service” or “Services” herein refer to our web hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting products.

In this policy, we refer to “material” as being all types of data, “Servers” being any device which stores or serves data in any way, and “Networks” being any connected or peering party that enables the transmission of data from one host (Server or otherwise) to another.

We reserve the right to amend, add or remove Terms & Conditions at any given time from any of our agreements/documents, and You shall obey to the current (published) version. You should check this page regularly for changes to Your agreement.

This agreement/policy is an extension to Our Terms & Conditons as viewed here, and is seperated for ease of access. Our Terms & Conditions apply in addition to those terms outlined in this policy/agreement.

1. Overview

We believe you should be able to use Your Services the way you wish to use them, which may include hosting a personal or business web site, sharing images and photos, storing movie and music clips, and sending & receiving e-mails. However, you must not use your Services in any way which we believe, at our sole discretion, may be unlawful, indecent or objectionable.

2. Things we don’t allow

Our Networks and Services must not be used for any of the following activities, including without limitation:

2.1 Illegal use, including supporting or encouraging any type of illegal activities. We reserve the right to work and cooperate with the appropriate authorities and/or businesses regarding illegal use or activities.

2.2 Harming, or attempting to harm minors in any way, including the storage, sending or receiving of child pornography.

2.3 Threatening any person, business, organization or authority, including storing or sending material which threatens or encourages the destruction of property or bodily harm.

2.4 Copyright infringement, including fraudulently selling items, products or services. We reserve the right to work and cooperate with the corresponding copyright holders or authorities regarding copyright infringement.

2.5 Forgery or Impersonation, including tampering with network header information or attempting to illegally impersonate any person, business, organization or authority. The use of anonymous remailers or nicknames does not constitute impersonation.

2.6 Misuse of Networks and Services, including executing DDoS attacks, attempting to or accessing data not intended for You, or using excessive network resources which may result in the disruption of any Networks. We reserve the right to work and cooperate with the appropriate authorities regarding the disruption of Networks or Services.

2.7 Unsolicited e-mailing, including spamming and mail bombing.

2.8 IRC servers, IRC clients, IRC bots or any other IRC activities, including linking to external IRC servers.

2.9 The use of public/published proxy or VPN applications in any way, shape or form, including ‘web proxies’. (Private, personal VPN applications are permitted.)

3. Adult content / pornography

We do not allow the hosting of any types of pornography or adult-related content on Our Servers. Examples of such content can incude, but not limited to, erotic videos / pictures / stories, forums or blogs with links to third party sites containing such content.
Any customer found to be storing or linking to adult content on their Account will face immediate suspension from our Services, at our sole discretion.

4. Shared server resources

4.1 We believe You should be able to use Your VPS for any purpose You wish, as long as it does not voliate our Terms & Conditions. However, if we find that Your VPS is using an intensive amount of resources and is causing service degradation for other VPS’ on the server node, We reserve the right to take action in attempt to preserve the overall quality of service. This action may include the throttling or limiting of Your VPS and its resources, the temporary ban of resources, a temporary shut down of Your VPS, or ultimately Account suspension.

4.2 Some VPS packages include an optional additional dedicated IP address. These IP addresses are not activated automatically with the package. If You wish to take advantage of any additional or optional IP addresses, You must provide us with full justification as to why You require this, We must then process this justification as per RIPE/ARIN guidelines which will ultimately decide if the IP is required, then the IP will be issued if justification is successul. Any additional or optional IP addresses are NOT guaranteed.

5. Responsability and misuse

5.1 It is the bill payer’s responsibility for all use of his or her hosting Services, including any misuse, even if misuse was not caused directly by the bill payer. Therefore, actions should be taken to ensure it is not possible for others to gain unauthorized access to any part of the bill payer’s hosting Services.

5.2 You should keep your Account usernames and passwords secured in a safe place where access to this is restricted. It is prohibited to inform or share this username and password with unauthorized users. Failure to secure Your Account usernames and passwords may result in Your account being suspended and/or terminated. Furthermore, attempting to access another user’s username or password is prohibited, and may also result in the suspension and/or termination of your account.

5.3 We operate a 0% spam and abuse network policy. Whilst We make reasonable efforts to ensure all IP addresses belonging to us are not listed on spam or abuse blacklists, We cannot guarantee this. Should We assign You an IP address that is blacklisted, we are willing to assist you in removing such IP address from any blacklists.

6. Failure to comply

If we believe Your hosting Services is, or has, been used in such a way that violates any part(s) of Our Acceptable Use Policy, we reserve the right to instantly suspend and/or terminate Your account and remove all data, with or without informing You beforehand.