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Features – Templates

Here at we have a variety of VPS templates to choose from. A template consists of an Operating System installation and configuration, and some templates also have bundled software with them for your convenience.

OS + Software template bundles

These templates consist of an Operating System, plus bundled software to make your life easier. This is the list most people should choose from. We have many pre-configured templates to suit almost all purposes.

CentOS with cPanel + WHM

This template is perfect for those wishing to host web sites on their VPS server. cPanel is the web’s most popular hosting control panel, making child’s play of sysadmin and client functionality.
Price: £10 per month

CentOS with WordPress

WordPress is an insanely popular platform allowing you to create web sites and/or blogs in just a few clicks. WordPress is simple and easy to use, yet very customisable.
Price: Free

CentOS with Webmin + Usermin

Webmin is a very simple web-based interface allowing easy administration of web, FTP and mail server tasks. Webmin is great for hosting a handful of personal or business web sites.
Price: Free

Bare Operating System Only

These consist of basic Operating System installs only, with no bundled software. These should be used by experts or those with great knowledge for what they are looking to achieve.

CentOS icon CentOS 6.2 64-bit
CentOS icon CentOS 5.7 64-bit
Debian icon Debian 6.0 64-bit
Ubuntu icon Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit
Ubuntu icon Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64-bit
Fedora icon Fedora 15 64-bit
FreeBSD icon FreeBSD 9.0 64-bit
Windows icon Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (customer is required to provide product key)
Windows icon Windows Vista Home Basic/Premium/Business/Ultimate 32-bit (customer is required to provide product key)